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  • Top 5 questions
    • Can I choose my delivery day and time?
    • Your delivery day depends on where you live, and as our routes are planned with carbon emissions and food miles in mind, we only visit an area once a week. This ensures your food stays fresh as it isn't driven all over the country before it gets to you, and means we can keep the delivery charge at £1.25.
    • Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?
    • No. We take delivery instructions so your driver can leave your order where you want it. If you prefer, you can give us a key to a safe place. Just call 03452 62 62 62 to arrange.
    • Can I choose what comes in my fruit & veg box?
    • Yes. We plan our boxes with the seasons and to suit the way that you cook, but you can always swap out any of the contents you don't need or like, in exchange for something that you do.
    • Am I tied into a contract? What if I'm going on holiday?
    • You're not tied into or entered into a contract – you can stop your orders and cancel your account at any time. If you're just going away, we make it easy plan ahead and skip your delivery on dates that you're away – just log in and use the Manage holidays feature.
    • Is there a minimum order value?
    • You don't have to order a box every week (you can choose individual fruit and veg, meat, fish, dairy, or anything else from our shop) but there is a minimum order value of £12.00.
  • Orders
    • Do I have to have the same box every week?
    • We have six new boxes we think will suit how you cook eat; you can alternate any you like, as well as swapping out any of the fruit & veg you don't like in exchange for something you do. You can also choose to have your box delivered at different frequencies like fortnightly or every four weeks.
    • Am I tied into a contract?
    • You're not tied into or entered into a contract. You can take a break by setting holiday dates for the days you want to stop your deliveries by logging in and going to manage holidays, or you can cancel your account at any time.
    • Is there a minimum order value?
    • Yes, £12.00.
    • What do I do if I am going on holiday or need to skip a delivery?
    • Log into your account and click Manage holidays, select the dates on the calendar you don't want to receive a delivery and we will pause them until you are back. To skip a box or item for one week, go to My deliveries and click the skip icon beside each item you wish to move.
    • How do I change my order?
    • You can add or remove items from your order, or change how often you receive regular order up until midnight on your deadline day which is 2 days before your delivery day. Log in to your account to check when your order deadline is.
    • How do I pay for my order?
    • We take all payments by credit or debit card on the day of your delivery. We accept everything except American Express.
  • Deliveries
    • Do you deliver to me?
    • Pop your postcode below and we can tell if we deliver and what day we are in your area.

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      Our driver delivers to you every:

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      Sorry, we don't deliver in your area yet.

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      We'll be in touch if we start delivering in your area.

    • Can I choose my delivery day and time?
    • Your delivery day depends on where you live, and as our routes are planned with carbon emissions and food miles in mind, we only visit an area once a week. This ensures your food stays fresh as it isn't driven all over the country before it gets to you, and means we can keep the delivery charge at £1.25.
    • Will my delivery come at the same time each week?
    • They tend to come at a similar time but we can't promise this. Don't worry, though, the driver will leave it in a safe place if you aren't in.
    • Where can you leave my delivery if I'm not in?
    • We can leave it anywhere that you think it will be safe; if there's nowhere outside we can leave it, then we can take a key to a safe place like a porch, garage or shed and pop your delivery inside.
    • What if my delivery gets stolen?
    • If your delivery is stolen call us straight away on 03452 62 62 62 and we will refund you and work out a better place to leave it.
    • How will my delivery stay fresh?
    • All food is protected in our boxes. Anything chilled or frozen, besides single milk orders, comes packed in Woolcool®, our eco insulation made from sheep's wool that keeps it at the right temperature till you unpack it.
    • What do I do with the packaging?
    • Your driver will collect the packaging on your next delivery so leave out your boxes, Woolcool® insulation, ice boxes, gel packs and clear Abel & Cole bags. If you can't recycle the plastic punnets or paper bags, leave them in the box for your driver to collect and we'll do it for you. Pop rinsed glass and plastic bottles in your home recycling.
    • Can I send an Abel and Cole delivery as a gift?
    • Yes, as long as we deliver to their area. We make an account for the recipient and take delivery instructions, so please find out where the best place to leave their box would be then give us a call and we can do the rest.
  • My account
    • What if I'm sitting on a potato mountain and they are planned to be in my next box?
    • You can tailor your fruit and veg boxes to suit you – any item of fruit or veg that you don't need or fancy can be swapped with something you do from a seasonal selection.
      If there's something you never want to get in your box go to the Tailor my box section and add it to your Never send list.
    • There are some fruit & vegetables I really don't like, how do I make sure they aren't in my box?
    • If you want to make sure we never send you a particular fruit or veg you can put it on your “never send” list – just go to My account and select Tailor my box. We will automatically switch anything on your never send list for a surprise veg on the weeks that we have planned it in boxes, but don't forget you can always choose something specific as an alternative.
    • Can I create a list of my favourite items?
    • You can mark your favourite items you buy regularly by clicking the heart icon beside their photo in the shop. You can find these in My favourites when you log in. From there you can add to your basket individually or the whole lot. To remove anything, click on the heart again.
    • Can I write a review about the products I buy?
    • You can always let us know about our products by submitting a review in My reviews section of your account. Here are some handy hints for your review:
      • Include anything that's useful for fellow Abel & Colers.
      • Avoid using personally identifiable information (like full names or contact details).
      • Please don't mention other food companies, retailers or prices, thank you.
      • If you're reporting a problem, we'd prefer you get straight in touch with us. Ring us on 03452 62 62 62 or visit our contact page.
    • How do I close my account?
    • If you have had any problems with your deliveries, please do get in touch with us as soon as possible and we'll do everything we can to help. If you want to close your account you can do so from the Personal details section of My account.
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