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It was great to see you at our 2019 Supplier Gathering. Before we get started, can you let us know your name and company name?
1.How useful and relevant did you find each of these sections? (5 = very relevant, 1 = not relevant)
Strategy & Performance


Sheepdrove Organic Farm

The Wider Market

Abel & Cole Customers

Our Marketing Plans

Trading at Abel & Cole

Using technology to sell better

Investment behind the scenes

Q&A panel

2. Is there anything that we didn’t talk about that you’d have liked us to?
3.Was the balance right between time spent sitting down and listening vs time to network and chat?

4.Would you have liked us to facilitate moderated workshop style sessions? Eg. packaging, NPD, selling your products at A&C
5.Would you have liked us to invite external speakers?
6.Was the day the right length?

7.Would you prefer a regional meeting closer to your home, or do you think there is value in us bringing everyone together?
8.Was September a good time for you to join us?
9.What main things did you take away from the event?
10.Any final thoughts on the day that you would like to share with us?
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