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Recycled Biodegradable Pulp Seedling Strip, 48cm (33 pots)

(6.1p each)

Thanks to Pulp-tec’s Seedling Strips, you can give your seeds a greener, planet-friendly start. This pack of 48cm Recycled Biodegradable Pulp Seedling Strips provides 33 spaces for your seeds to grow and thrive in. Each strip is moulded out of a recycled paper compound that’s both compostable and weather-resistant. With recyclable trays like these you can see your seeds sprout to their fullest, all without adding plastic pollution to your own green spaces.

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Since 1928, Pulp-Tec have been leading the charge in creating innovative alternatives to single-use plastics. Their eco-friendly packaging solutions are made from 100% recycled waste paper, so they’re completely recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Storage & prep

Once your seedling is ready to transplant break off the individual module and soak in water before transferring the whole thing into it’s next pot. The paper pulp will break down into the soil and this method will cause minimum shock to the delicate root structure.


The pulp is made entirely from recycled cardboard, and before too long, some of our own waste cardboard from our old boxes will be turned into plant pots too. They will arrive with absolutely no packaging whatsoever.


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