Helen Browning's Organic
Born and raised on the Wiltshire farm that she now runs, Helen Browning OBE is one of the top authorities on organic farming, as Chief Executive of the Soil Association. Her approach has always been one of thinking first and foremost about the land and animal welfare. The dedication Helen shows with her own Eastbrook Farm, extends to all the organic farms across the UK that have been shaped by her dedication to quality and care.

The delicious sausages, bacon and exquisite hams from Helen Browning are so popular that Eastbrook Farm now works hand in hand with several partnership farms across the UK, to meet the demand for top-notch pork. Each organic-certified farm prizes the welfare of their pigs, providing ample room for them to roam and deep, straw-filled beds to return to at the end of the day. Discover Helen Browning's organic meat in our high-welfare meat boxes, delivered sustainably to your door.