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Our packaging promise

Refuse. Reuse. Recycle.

We’re on a mission to slim your bin. That’s why we’ll always use packaging thoughtfully and sustainably. We start with only truly necessary packaging for our delicious, organic food. Then, if there’s anything you can’t reuse or recycle, we’ll collect it from your door and take care of it responsibly. It’s our commitment to putting the planet first, with every box.


Low-plastic boxes

Our low-plastic boxes

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to use as little packaging as possible for our seasonal, farm-fresh fare. And we’re incredibly proud to have 77% less plastic on average in our weekly Fruit & Veg Boxes, compared to four major supermarkets.


Club Zero

Club Zero

Want to send single-use plastic packing? Make a sustainable switch with Club Zero: our award-winning refillables deliveries. We’ll drop your planet-friendly, weekly essentials straight to your door, in returnable and reusable packaging.


Our reusable Boxes

Our reusable boxes

We reckon we’ve saved over 65 million plastic bags, all thanks to our handy, recycled box string. It’s what keeps our returnable cardboard boxes in great condition, to be reused time and time again. And to keep things cool, we line our boxes with reusable, sustainable Woolcool® insulation


Plastic pick-up

Plastic Pick-Up

We know that kerbside recycling has its challenges. So to help you send less to landfill, we’ve introduced Plastic Pick-Up: our game-changing doorstep recycling scheme, collecting hard-to-recycle plastic packaging from your home.