Yeo Valley
Yeo Valley Family Farms are family-owned and proud of it. In 1974, their founders Roger and Mary Mead started making yogurt at Holt Farm dairy: their first organic yogurt was produced 20 years later. Fast forward to 2018 and Yeo Valley has become an organic household name. They are still owned by the Mead family - Roger and Mary’s son Tim picked up the reins in 1990. Through their sustainable farming methods and commitment to supporting other British family businesses, their goal is to be here forever.

On the farms, they go above and beyond just being organic. Their yogurt is made using milk from their own family farm as well as milk purchased though OMSCo the South West-based Organic Milk Supplier’s Cooperative, allowing them to support other British family farms. They also work with other organic British organic farmers and growers to source fruit and ingredients in the UK wherever possible.
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