How to create a Greek Mezze board

A Greek mezze is essentially a variety of small plates, designed for sharing. Create a mini one to accompany drinks, the start of the meal or really go to town and build a full mezze table as a main meal to share and celebrate with family and friends. Our recipe guru Sorrel shares her suggestions for how to create one at home.


Pick 2-3 items from each category.


Hummus- a chickpea or fava bean-based dip, whipped with garlic, lemon and tahini. Drizzle with a little oil and scatter over some nuts or seeds before serving. TO THE RECIPE OR TO THE SHOP

Tzatiki- a yogurt, cucumber and mint dip that is cooling and great served with grilled meats. TO THE RECIPE

Melitzanosalata- a smoky whole roasted aubergine dip. Great scooped up with toasted pitas. TO THE RECIPE

Htipiti- a red pepper and feta dip. Creamy and tangy with a kick from chilli. Adds a splash of colour to your meze board too. TO THE RECIPE 


Greek salad- no Greek feast would be complete without the quintessential Greek salad. Typically made with the best summer veg- tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and red onions, tumbled with tangy feta and some fresh herbs. TO THE RECIPE

Gigantes beans- ‘giant’ butterbeans cooked in a tomato sauce. TO THE SHOP

Halloumi, Cherry & Lentil Salad- golden cubes of fried halloumi atop a herby lentil salad studded with seasonal juicy dates. TO THE RECIPE

Tabbouleh- chop huge handfuls of fresh parsley and mint and toss through steamed couscous or bulgar. TO THE RECIPE


Stifado- a low and slow spiced beef and wine stew. TO THE RECIPE 

Souvlaki- marinated lamb or chicken kebabs wrapped in fluffy flatbreads and sometimes with and handful of chips. Ultimate Greek street food. TO THE RECIPE OR HERE

Meatballs- our lamb and mint ones are great to serve with dips, breads and salads. TO THE RECIPE

BBQ- chicken breasts, lamb, pork chops and veg are all great grilled till charred and smoky on the BBQ. TO THE SHOP

Moussaka- make your meze go even further by adding a delicious, creamy moussaka to the mix. TO THE RECIPE OR TO THE SHOP


Feta- not just for the Greek salad. Lightly coated in batter and fried till melting, feta sagnaki is a wonderful addition. Try it drizzled with honey. TO THE RECIPE

Halloumi- you can fry or grill slices. Or roast a whole block, drizzle with honey. TO THE RECIPE

Sheeps & goats cheese- these soft cheeses are a lovely addition to your board. Drizzle with honey, crack over some pepper and chop over some herbs. TO THE SHOP


Garlic & lemon marinated cod, hake or salmon to remind you of looking out to sea. - TO THE SHOP

Smoked mackerelTO THE SHOP

Whole trout- stuff a trout with plenty of herbs, slices of fennel and lemon for an impressive showstopping main. TO THE SHOP

Fresh or tinned sardines. TO THE SHOP

Fruit & veg

Fill gaps between bowls and platters with ready to eat veg. These are brilliant for dipping into dips or serving alongside grilled meats for contrast in heat and sweet. Adds brilliant colour too. TO THE SHOP

  • Drape vines of cherry tomatoes
  • Chunks of cucumber
  • Whole carrots
  • Wedges of watermelon/ melon
  • Fresh figs
  • Medjool or dried dates
  • Dried apricots
  • Grilled peppers, aubergines, courgettes

Bread and sides

Pitta- great griddled or toasted to scoop, fill, dip or dunk. Alternatively, cut them into small long thin strips for a Greek take on breadsticks, drizzle with oil and bake for 15-20 mins till crisp. TO THE SHOP

Olives- wouldn’t be all Greek without some olives. We have a great selection in our shop. TO THE SHOP

Nuts- walnuts and almonds are great to fill any gaps on your board. Perfect snacking and adding texture to dips, eating with cheese or stirring into yogurt and honey. TO THE SHOP

Falafel- bake or make your own- a delicious vegan bite. TO THE SHOP

Herbs- potted herbs dotted on the table allow your guests to pick some to add to their dishes. Mint, basil, thyme and parsley work really well and a great alternative to floral arrangements (but we love those too). TO THE SHOP

How to serve

Serving bowls and platters. Small bowls and plates in various sizes to serve meze. Use whatever you have in your kitchen to serve up your Greek feast. It doesn’t have to match. It’s all part of the rustic charm. Wood, ceramic, pottery, glass and metal. Tea cups work brilliantly too.

Don’t forget serving spoons, forks and knives.

A wooden board stood on a few tins. This will create extra space for a table groaning with Greek delights. It also adds added interest with different levels.

Why don’t you turn your entire table into a mezze board? Line the centre of the table with a few chopping boards or wooden boards. Then group each item (olives, dolmades, hummus, cheese, grapes, nuts, breads and salads) on the boards to create a stunning and fun (and completely edible) centrepiece.

Greek mezze inspiration 
Come away with us to the land of epic poetry, olive groves, and endless feta for our organic staycation. 

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