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This summer, we're setting sail for a Greek-inspired foodie staycation. It’s fair to say that the humble olive is the cornerstone of Mediterranean cuisine. Whether pressed into oil or scattered over salad, each of Odysea’s authentic, organic offerings contains centuries of tradition and expertise.

"Life revolves around the kitchen table in Greece, and we want everything we create to reflect that. We only sell food that we would happily share with our own family."

Wise words there from Panos Manuelides, who is something of a folk hero in the Greek food scene. Like the hand illustrated jars of olives he sold on Portobello Market thirty years ago, his humble roots belie the impact he and Odysea have had on bringing a true taste of the Med to UK shores. 

For him, nothing but the best, most authentic Greek olives will do, and the groves at the foot of Mount Taygetus in the Kalamata region provide just that. Its idyllic climate offers a long growing season, and when perfectly ripe, each olive is harvested by hand according to traditional methods, and then pressed within hours.

Odysea’s table olives have a similarly proud heritage, hailing from the Rovies grove on the isle of Evia. Here the warm sea air has nurtured olives of exceptional quality for almost one hundred years. 

And with all of this expert care and attention, we couldn't help but ask for their expert advice on our favourite subject: recipes. We asked Panos for his top tips for the ultimate Greek Salad:

"For me, the ultimate Greek salad needs tomatoes that have fully ripened in the sun, cucumbers, onions, olives and capers. It’s typical for each village to use whatever olives they have grown, but I prefer to use Kalamata olives. In Greece we don’t cut the feta into cubes, we place a whole slab of it on top of the salad and you just use your fork to break off what you want. It should only be dressed with the best Greek extra virgin olive oil that you can find and finished with some dried oregano. This dish, which is full of vibrant colours, is a real cornerstone of the real Mediterranean diet."

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Come away with us to the land of epic poetry, olive groves, and endless feta for our organic staycation. 

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