Come away with us to Greece

This summer, we're putting on a sunny staycation inspired by the culture and cuisine of Greece. No passports needed - just a spoonful of inspiration, creativity and a little imagination. You'll find it all in spades here.



Our amazing recipe team were inspired by the traditional cuisine of Greece. From mezze to moussaka, fill your day with their delicious, sun-drenched dishes.

Grilled Whole Halloumi Recipe 

Meet the makers

Yolanda of Gaia Pulses was inspired to re-connect with her Grecian roots after years yearning for her grandmother's cooking. Nowadays, her traditional pulses are a taste of far-flung shores.

It’s fair to say that the humble olive is the cornerstone of Mediterranean cuisine. Whether pressed into oil or scattered over salad, each of Odysea’s authentic, organic offerings contains centuries of tradition and expertise.


Gaia Pulses 

Come away with us to the land of epic poetry, olive groves, and endless feta for our organic staycation. 

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