The Green Butcher
The Green Butcher is a small, Twickenham-based cooperative, co-owned by Nick Green and two organic, British dairy farms: Horton House Farm on the Wiltshire-Somerset border and The Ethical Dairy in Dumfries. These two pioneering farms already provide our artisan cheese and organic goat’s milk respectively, and Nick sources his 100% organic and free-range meat solely from Horton House and The Ethical Dairy.

The Green Butcher was founded to champion the virtues of low-impact, low-input, pasture-based farming, where livestock are rotated to a fresh, nutritious pasture every day, to give the soil time to regenerate and boost biodiversity. Rotational grazing, also known as ‘holistic planned grazing’, is a core practice of regenerative agriculture, as it ensures that organic matter goes back into the soil, and the land has time to rest and regenerate.

All of the collective’s meat bears the Pasture for Life mark, which certifies that it comes from animals raised only on grass and pasture.

On the third generation, family-run Horton House Farm, sheep are integral for managing the pastures, encouraging rare species of wildflowers and butterflies. Horton House’s cows live in a calm, low-stress environment, and some are still giving milk and having calves at 18 years old, which is a testament to their gentle way of life. Young dairy calves are nurtured and stay either with their mothers or other retired cows to suckle naturally for the first 8-10 months.

At The Ethical Dairy, David and Wilma Finlay have pioneered the first commercial-scale ‘cow with calf’ dairy farm in Britain. Since 2016, all of their calves have stayed with their mothers for the first six months, so they can suckle naturally. The mothers are milked during this period, but only once a day. This approach puts treating animals with kindness and respect at the heart of their agricultural practices.

By working to ‘close the loop’, The Green Butcher aims to minimise waste at all times. At their full carcass butchery in Twickenham, meat is handled with care and no parts go to waste. All their top-quality, organic cuts are hand-prepared by skilful butchers. All of their top-quality, organic cuts are hand-prepared by skilful butchers. Find them in our organic meat boxes, delivered sustainably to your door.

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