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Planning a summer picnic? Pick up a delicious, farm-fresh selection of organic fare in just one click with our Seasonal Picnic Bundle. Mixing savoury with sweet and changing every week, this new, limited-edition bundle is packed with seasonal, sustainably-grown must-haves.

Each week, you’ll receive: a portion of plump berries, perfect for mixing with organic cream; a staple fruit, like crunchy apples or soft pears to snack on; and a selection of seasonal salad ingredients, such as fresh, crispy lettuce, richly red tomatoes and peppers or firm cucumbers. Make the most of the sunshine without having to think about what to bring to the park with this brilliant bundle.
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Deliveries from:
Monday 15th August
Monday 22nd August
We offer a real variety of delicious apples throughout the year including Gala, Windsor, Rajka.
Blueberries are a small, dark purple-blue fruit with juicy flesh. They are ideal for baking in dessert pies and puddings or for making jam. They are also delicious eaten straight from the punnet!
Cherry Vine Tomatoes
Cocktail vine tomatoes can be used whole in pasta dishes and salads. They have a sweeter flavour than ordinary tomatoes.
An essential part of any British salad, it's a crying shame that the supermarket shelves have been filled with such watery, tasteless cucumbers in recent years. But fear not, our cucumbers are full of flavour with thicker skins that will give your salad real substance. Perfect for the Great British summertime cucumber sandwich! Country of Origin - Spain Class - Minimum Class 2
Green Lettuce
We sell a variety of different lettuces throughout the year, including Cos, Battavia, Oakleaf, Escarole, Salanova. Whichever fresh lettuce you receive we guarantee it will be full of flavour and provide the perfect body for your salad bowl.
Cherry Tomatoes
Perfect for a snack or as part of a salad, don't be fooled by their size as these little beauties are still bursting with juice and flavour.
Fairtrade Bananas
Bananas are now the world's most popular fruit but this popularity has come at a price as many of the world's banana growers are cruelly exploited and live and work in shocking conditions. With our fairtrade bananas you can feel at ease that we are actually working with our growers to ensure a better future for our growers and their children.
Grown in the Herefordshire hills, these sweet, organic raspberries are the cream of the crop. Martin Soble opts for his berries to grow naturally, out in the open, so they get plenty of direct sunlight to sweeten them up. It’s almost criminal to do too much to them. Pile atop a cream-capped meringue or simply pluck them from straight from the box. Country of Origin - Spain Class - Minimum Class 2
Red Pepper
These large fulsome peppers are so full of flavour you'll never buy your peppers anywhere else again. Great to eat cooked or raw, they really do add flavour to any dish.
Steve Collis grows our watercress on his farms in Dorset. Watercress has been growing on the farms since the 1850s, and it's still all planted by hand (not all Steve's hand - he has a few helpers, too). Some of these friends are furry. They work with bat conservation charities so that both the bats and your watercress are happy. Watercress beds are a rich and diverse source of insects, this natural challenge that can affect quality instead feeds hundreds of bats. They also have farms in Jerez, Spain where our watercress comes from during the winter months.

Allergen information: Abel & Cole handles celery, celeriac, peanuts and nuts on site. Due to our packing process and re-use of boxes there is a risk of cross-contamination from these, and all other allergens.

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