Monika Linton spent some of her early years on Spain’s Eastern coast, where she fell utterly in love with the varied cultures, landscapes, and above all else, the amazing food that the country had to offer. She wanted to continue to celebrate it all once she’d moved on, so in 1988, once back in the UK, she started Brindisa, with a view to making it a tribute to all the brilliant people that create all the Spanish food that Monika fell so head over heels for.

In the 30 years that Brindisa’s existed, it’s made a name for itself as the go-to spot for the finest, most authentic Spanish food; nothing but the real thing will do for Monika. With a shop and chorizo stall in Borough Market, a cheese and charcuterie shop in Balham, and five hugely respected tapas bars and restaurants dotted throughout London, Brindisa’s really put Spanish food on the UK map over the last few decades.
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