Quinola’s founder James left the world of finance in 2012, with the hopes of setting up a Fairtrade business. While travelling in Peru, he discovered the incredibly nutritious and flavourful super-grain quinoa. Today, James’ business works with over 700 farmers from Fairtrade cooperatives deep within the Peruvian hills, growing delicious, high quality quinoa that’s enjoyed by many.

Quinola puts sustainability at the heart of all they do. To offset their maritime carbon emissions from transporting quinoa from Peru to Le Havre, France, Quinola are working with a reforestation initiative called the Pur Project that’s currently replanting trees in the Peruvian amazon. Quinola also employs people with physical and learning disabilities to pack their grains, providing valuable income and work experience. Their Fairtrade certification means that they guarantee all farmers a minimum price for their quinoa, ensuring that those working the land can live in a dignified and decent way. Now this is the sort of business we can really get behind!
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