Peelham Farm
Peelham Farm in Scotland’s border country seems an unlikely heartland for British, cured meat. The proof’s in the pudding though, and anyone who’s tried the Walton family’s pork, mutton or ruby veal will attest to its unquestionable quality. Their motto is “love the land, love the animal, love their produce” and their innovative approach to organic ruby veal puts that commitment first and foremost.

Forget veal’s usual connotations of cramped, dark sheds packed with calves. To create their spectacular ruby veal Peelham work in conjunction with the Ethical Dairy in Dumfries. Far from being considered inconvenient by-products, as is often the case, the male calves from this herd are kept with their mothers to allow a natural period of weening and free grazing on green grass under blue sky. At the age of around ten months (a figure unheard of in most dairy circles) they make the short trip to Peelham, who maintain impeccable standards of animal welfare all the way to the abattoir.

Our friends at Peelham Farm are also the proud makers of authentic, organic charcuterie and even traditional haggis. To discover more of their delicious creations, choose one of our high-welfare meat boxes.
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