Pimhill Farm
Pimhill is a mixed dairy and arable farm of 770 acres in the heart of Shropshire, which was converted to organic farming methods in 1949 by father and son Sam and Richard Mayall. This meant it was one of the first organic farms in the country!

After the Second World War, during which food shortages were a way of life, the government made a concerted effort to encourage farmers to produce more food. This inevitably encouraged more intensive methods of agriculture. At this critical juncture Richard Mayall read about sustainable farming using "organic" methods and after much thought the Mayall family decided that it would be better in the long term for their land and livestock not to follow the intensive route

These days, it's Ginny Mayall and her husband Ian Anderson – the third generation of the Mayall family to farm at Pimhill – who run the show. Ian and Ginny married 10 years ago and now have a combined family of six children: Charlotte, Sophie, Geordie, Jessie, Nell and Coco. Jessie recently returned to the farm to learn the ropes. She very well could be the start of generation four.
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