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Brown Cow Organics
Judith and Clive Freane make their delicious Brown Cow Organics yoghurt on Perridge Farm, overlooking a certain Glastonbury festival site. Find another herd of organic Guernsey cows that've swooshed their tails to Dolly Parton and we’ll eat our tent.

Judith inherited the farm from her father and has been making yoghurt there, using the same recipe, ever since. Their gorgeous herd of Guernsey cows get the run of the fields and stunning views across the Vale of Avalon to Glastonbury Tor. It’s also a haven for wildlife and the cows love it. They get to munch on wildflowers and hang out with rabbits, hares, badgers, butterflies and a myriad of insects.

The secret to Brown Cow Organic's swoony yoghurts is the 100% rich, creamy organic Guernsey milk used to make them. The judges at the Great Taste Awards also agree, giving them a trophy-case-worth of gold stars over the years.

Not only that, to be more sustainable, they buck the industry trend by raising male dairy calves for meat; hence our fantastic beef burgers. The cows are organic and grass fed which produces award-winning meat, rich in flavour.
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