Black Isle Brewery
North of Inverness, where the Firth of Moray meets the sea, lies Black Isle Brewery. Scotland’s first and only organic brewers, they distil sustainability into every bottle of their craft beers and lagers. Where once there was a cattle shed, David Gladwin has spent the last 19 years building his vision of what responsible, organic brewing should be. The early popularity of their expertly crafted beers meant he was soon able to buy the farm on which the now bustling little brewery was built. After years of shouting about the virtues of organics, they could finally put their money where their mouth were (David’s words, not ours) and convert the surrounding 130 acres of Scottish countryside. They even introduced their own flock of black sheep to the land. “Sure, it’s less productive, but it’s much more diverse. Where we lose in tonnes per acre, we gain beautiful wildlife. The whole ecology of the place has improved.” Black Isle’s motto is “Save the Planet, drink organic,” and we’ve never found being responsible so refreshing.
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