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Moulins Mahjoub
The story behind Moulins Majoub is one of tailor-made perfection. A mixing of the right fertile soil, the right organic thinking, and three generations of the right people to bring this all together. On their Tebourba farm in Tunisia’s Medjerda Valley, the Mahjoub family have pioneered organic farming for over 30 years and boy does it show.

Their family-owned farm is run with real care and craftsmanship, coming from a long tradition of organic farming. In fact, the Mahjoubs discovered the remains of an ancient olive press beneath their family grove. They’ve since reconstructed it using the original stones they’d recovered; a sure sign they were onto something special. They’ve continued that love of traditional techniques and hand processing by growing and preparing all their own ingredients onsite, applying their artisanal expertise to every step. Every homegrown olive is cold-pressed and decanted by hand, giving them the full attention needed to turn each one into true delicacies. Such a luxurious end result is hard to come by but with Moulins Mahjoub they’ve got the right place, the right ideas and 30 years with the right people making it happen.