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Loofco are leading the charge in replacing plastic sponges and scourers with an altogether greener option. Their solution comes from a member of the cucumber family of all places, which grows beautifully in the warm climate of Egypt. When matured and dried, the inside of the loofah plant creates a network of fibres that are perfect for cleaning and exfoliating, while remaining just as kind to your skin as a classic sponge. Meanwhile, there’s a whole host of washing up pads made from the same 100% biodegradable and compostable materials. Whether it’s non-stick pans or mugs in need of a clean and scrub, these soft, spongy wonders will do the trick – their unique texture means not even the toughest of stains have a chance. It’s a natural tradition that’s existed in this part of the world for generations, making this an old solution to the relatively new problem of plastic pollution. They offer a range of shapes and sizes to make sure everyone can scrub up well whether it’s the bath, shower or kitchen sink!
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