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Proud to choose plastic Proud to choose plastic

We’ve finally cracked our sustainable refillable milk bottles. It’s taken us 3 years. 7 teams of experts. 3 failed experiments. But we’ve done it. Thanks to plastic. And we want to tell you how. Because helping our planet isn’t a competition.

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Proud to choose plastic Proud to choose plastic

“When it comes to packaging materials, plastic is often seen as the enemy. But we challenged ourselves to ask if it was better to use glass, which is heavier and more energy-intensive to make, or to go against the grain.

“Our breakthrough plastic bottle innovation – the first of its kind in the UK – will cut the carbon footprint of our single-use milk bottles in half after just four returns compared to heavier glass bottles, which would take over 15 returns to reach similar emissions savings.

“There’s been plenty of trial and error along the way, but we’ve trailblazed a more sustainable way to deliver and refill milk. We want to share our learnings – imagine the impact we could have together.”

Hugo Lynch, Sustainability Lead

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Why plastic not glass?


of carbon emissions saved a year*


the carbon footprint of our milk bottles*


of single-use plastic saved a year*

And if the whole industry made the switch, a whopping 300,000 tonnes of carbon would be saved a year*.

To make sure we can safely refill and reuse our bottles, we send them back to Berkeley Farm Dairy. Here, they’re extensively cleaned and sterilised in an eight-step process using specialist equipment.

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