The Origin of Niçoise
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Prep: 15 mins
Cook: 12 mins
Niçoise actually just means ‘mixed salad' so we’re going back to this salad’s origins which doesn’t include tuna or potatoes, keeping it light and veg-focussed instead.
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Ingredients you'll need
  • 2 eggs
  • A 500g punnet of vine tomatoes
  • A handful of tarragon
  • A handful of flat leaf parsley
  • A 150g bag of French beans
  • A handful of black olives
  • 2 garlic cloves
From your kitchen
  • Sea salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 2 tsp olive oil
You'll need
  • Frying pan
  • Pan with a lid
Step by step this way
  • 1.

    Get a pot of water on to boil. Lower your eggs into the boiling water. Cook at a gentle rolling boil for 8 mins. Remove. Cool.

  • 2.

    Slice your tomatoes. Season well. Mix with your hands to draw out some of the delicious tomatoes juices.

  • 3.

    Finely chop your herbs, saving a few leaves for garnishing. Gently fold the chopped herbs through the tomatoes. Arrange on a platter or divide between plates. Drizzle over a little oil.

  • 4.

    Put your beans in a lidded pan with enough water to half cover the beans. Pop the lid on. Bring to the boil. Cook for about 3 mins, till bright green and just tender. Drain. Rinse under cold water. Toss with a little oil, salt and pepper.

  • 5.

    Scatter the beans over the herby tomatoes. Peel your eggs. Halve them and lay on top the tomatoes. Season well.

  • 6.

    Roughly chop your olives. Peel and thinly slice your garlic. Set a frying pan over high heat. Fry the garlicky olive mix till the garlic is just golden. Scatter over the tomatoes. Finish with the reserved herbs.