Lunchbox heroes (for grown ups)

Pack up your thermos in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile.

You’ll feel the corners of your mouth irresistibly rise at the sight of these lunchbox heroes when your open yours. Plus, you’ll know exactly what’s going into your tum and save a few bob, too.


Homemade tortillas 
First thing’s first. A lunchbox staple. The sandwich. Swap out a loaf for your very own homemade tortillas. (They're super easy to make.) Wrap in your favourite veg box bits. You could even make a big batch of these and pop them in the freezer for later.

Veg box houmous
Lettuce turnip the beet with this
veg box houmous. It's chickpeasy to whizz up. Pop it into a jam jar then load up breadsticks or pita for the ultimate lunchbox snack.

Ravishing rostis
These aren’t your everyday rostis. Oh no. They’re crispy, crunchy, sweet and peanut buttery dollops of delight.

It's a wonderful lunchbox salad life
A few little extras  (like your favourite cheese) and the bits from your veg box will slice, grate and toss into a wonderful lunchbox salad. If I was a salad I know I’d be splashing my dressing for this one.

Suddenly savoury scones
Bring a little summer sunshine to your lunchbox while sweetcorn is cropping up in veg boxes. 
These savoury scones are smashing on their own or handy to have alongside soup (like the one below).

Veg box soup to the rescue 
Starting to get chilly already, eh? Nothing else quite hits the spot on a blustery day other than your own veg box soup. Team it up with a bit of bread and a good dollop of proper butter spread on top and no weather forecast can beat this dynamic duo. Central heating comes in lunchboxes now, too.

 Gourdgeous Little Cakes
These Gourdgeous Little Cakes are just the right size for a lunchbox treat. Light, fluffy and full of autumnal fruit. Whack the kettle on and tuck in.

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