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Famous Hedgehog Bakery
Founders Jamie and Rose Campbell have always been passionate about good food and where it comes from. After living in Canada and London, they made the next obvious move to a small village in the wilds of Dorset. Here, they set about renovating a house and its gardens. They found themselves a bit flummoxed, unable to buy real bread locally. A lightbulb illuminated somewhere in an old stable block outside.

'An old stable block with no purpose....and no bread....let's make our own and supply the local villages!'

Once the house was complete, a plan was hatched. They found a great baker and mentor, upped sticks and moved to France for the next five years, learning everything they could about bread from a local master baker. The wood-fired bread oven in the stable block back in Dorset was finally completed in 2000 and the first bread was made and sold to the locals.

And now, nearly two decades later their skilled bakers still use those same traditional techniques. The bread is shaped by hand, proved on linen 'couches' in wooden cupboards and placed in the oven using wooden peels, just a few loaves at a time.They only use the best organic ingredients to make unique and delicious bread. It proves slowly through a number of stages, creating a natural and digestible loaf. The Famous Hedgehog Bakery also handmake fabulous organic patisserie,cakes and seasonal delights.

“Real bread doesn't need improves and our bread, sourdough in particular, retains moisture well, with the crisp crust of the wood-fired bread acting as a natural wrapper. We remain a family business, proud of our beginnings and the original ideas are still very important to us today - organic, handmade and wood-fired.”
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