The British Hemp Co.
It’s time for the humble hemp crop to make its UK comeback. For centuries hemp provided us with nutritious food, strong fibres and planet-friendly paper but the rise of oil, plastic and cotton and an association with drug use saw it slip from the spotlight. Enter, The British Hemp Co. and their dedicated community of British hemp farmers, ready to reintroduce this incredible crop.

Helmed by Founder, Steve Glover, The British Hemp Co. spun out of the Severn Project in Bristol, a social enterprise that helped provide excluded individuals with farming jobs. Among the salads and herbs they grew, hemp became one of their most versatile, hardy and carbon-absorptive crops. It doesn’t require any herbicides, fungicides or insecticides and boasted a staggering amount of protein and minerals in its seeds. These incredible properties inspired Steve to form The British Hemp Co. – a community of farmers that encompasses over 250 acres of farmland across the UK. By using traditional farming techniques and hemp varieties that suit the UK climate, they’ve become the first group to source 100% of their hemp from UK farmers alone.

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