Growing Underground
Below the streets of Clapham, the sustainable future of farming is growing. Fellow B Corp, Growing Underground, are food pioneers taking hydroponic farming to a whole new level. A level that’s 33m underground in a disused air raid shelter.

In their 100% renewably-powered shelter, Growing Underground’s pioneering hydroponic farm grows a variety of incredible salad leaves and micro greens. Doing more with less is central to their radical approach. By arranging their farm vertically and nurturing their crops around the clock, Growing Underground can cultivate delicious greens quickly and efficiently in a completely untapped space. What’s more, since there’s no pests, diseases or unpredictable weather patterns to contend with, Growing Underground don’t need to rely on pesticides, herbicides or seasonal spells of sun. Advanced filtration and recycling systems also mean that the farm uses just 10% of the water that conventional, intensive farming does.

Growing Underground are eager to go beyond their carbon neutral certification and are pursuing a carbon-negative accreditation too. By recycling water and waste and maximising the efficiency of such a compact space, they’ve introduced a bold, new approach to farming, right beneath our feet.

Experience Growing Underground’s incredible salad leaves and microgreens, as part of our new and exciting Future Food collection. Discover the fascinating food pioneers that we’re working with as they develop innovative ways to push the boundaries of sustainable food.