Challenging the where and the how of growing tomorrow’s crops is a vital part of our pioneering Future Food selection. For GroCycle, it’s all about bringing the farm to you. Founders, Eric and Adam, kicked off their social enterprise in 2009, to show how easy it was to grow your own mushrooms. The wonder of watching these amazing fungi develop and expand every day was a joy they wanted everyone to experience. Enter, the GroCycle Mushroom Growing Kit.

Their innovative kits take just two weeks to go from a box of wood chips and straw to a fresh flush of silky Oyster Mushrooms. All the nutrients the mushrooms need come from a mix of wood chips and straw collected by GroCycle, turning waste by-products into miniature farms. Over the course of two weeks, the mushrooms double in size each day needing just two sprays of water a day to keep the kit from drying out. GroCycle have even shared their wealth of tips and tricks online, to help growers enjoy their harvests to the fullest and translate these skills to allotments and gardens.

Experience GroCycle’s mushroom kits, as part of our new and exciting Future Food collection. Discover the fascinating food pioneers that we’re working with as they develop innovative ways to push the boundaries of sustainable food.