Kiss Me Mistletoe
Our special sprigs of sustainable mistletoe come to you by way of Tenbury Wells – mistletoe capital of the UK. Mistletoe man Mark grows ours in beautiful old apple orchards, which are a haven for pollinators and grazing animals, such as sheep.

Mistletoe growing is all about balance. Only the female mistletoe plant bears the berries, but Mark picks both male and female plants otherwise the tree could be strangled. He only picks half of the mistletoe plants in total each year, leaving enough for the birds who love to forage for berries. It's a tricky balance, making the air of harmony (and plenty of buzz) on his orchard all the more impressive.

Mark has a great love of all things organic, pursuing organic certification at the tender age of 17. In fact, he was the first person to have organic mistletoe certified. Quite the trailblazer! "The tradition in the Valleys is to have mistletoe all around the house," Mark tells us (step-ladders at the ready). Though you must keep it up until next Christmas, mind, "it's meant to ward off evil spirits" Mark warns us.