Gaia Pulses
Growing up in her family’s Athenian restaurant, Yolanda Antonopoulou wanted to do anything but cook when she was growing up. But, after a decade living in London, eating food that felt a million miles from home, it was time to rediscover her Greek roots.

After the passing of her grandmother who was, in Yolanda’s words a “legendary cook”, she wanted to reconnect through one of her famous recipes. The traditional Fasolada (or butter bean stew) was a staple of her childhood, and fresh, natural ingredients were a must.

Through this dish, Yolanda rediscovered what made her heritage so special. The next step: bring it to the meal-deal sandwich enduring people she’d been silently sharing her commute with for all of these years.

That’s what Gaia Pulses is all about. Traditional, wholesome food that is evokes a sense of nature and history. It’s this connection which led her to become the UK’s first ready meal provider who use 100% compostable packaging too.

“Gaia is the ancient name for Mother Earth and Pulses are the beans and the heartbeat of the planet. It has everything to do with my roots, my ancestors and our history.”