Impulse Foods
Thirty years ago, Linda Perfect remembers first reading about tempeh, sparking her curiosity of this versatile Indonesian staple. That, coupled with a desire for a diet consisting of more than just brown rice and lentils (there wasn’t much else back then for a veggie), Linda began
what is now a labour of love.

She knew tempeh was what she needed in her life, as did the rest of the world – or the UK, at least. Impulse grew slowly at first, but once settled in what’s now been their permanent home in the Mendips since 1998, there was no looking back. The now nine-strong team make their tempeh the traditional way, with a whole lot of care and attention, and plenty of smiles.

In her own words, Linda says “Tempeh is a fabulous source of protein, a very valuable source of vitamins (particularly riboflavin) and dietary fibre. It also contains an enzyme called phytase, which helps draw out additional minerals and mineral salts such as calcium and zinc from the beans,” Linda explains. “Tempeh has a living culture which makes it easier for us to digest and break down so we can benefit from all its nutrients. It works well flavoured with Miso and Tamari and grilled, fried or baked.”
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