Beanberry search the world for the best organic coffee they can find. They work with speciality coffee farmers, paying them a fair price ,which helps to develop social projects in the local area (like improving soil quality and giving access to clean, fresh water). So next time you reach for your cup, you’ll know that it’s coffee with a conscience.

“It all started about seven years ago”, Edward Grace the founder, tells us (cue flashback montage). “Beanberry is an organic special coffee roaster – probably the only of its kind in this country, if not in the whole of Europe.” When we were looking for someone to make coffee for us, it was a very special thing we were looking for, which is why we’re chuffed to bits to have discovered Beanberry.

“We shoot for the best coffees we can find, and amongst those we look for coffees that have organic certification. We feel that by doing that, we contribute to the noble cause of sustainability, help our customers maintain their health. And produce a coffee that’s not just delicious in your cup but also responsibly grown.”