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Celtic Coast Fish Company
Celtic Coast Fish Company was started by two former fishmongers Nick and Gareth, who wanted to source wonderful, fresh fish in the right way: sustainably and responsibly. They work closely with a number of UK fish markets and co-ops from Cornwall to Scotland, but also work with fishers in and around Wales and Ireland, supporting UK trade and industry in the British waters in a brilliant way. By working with so many different sources, Celtic Coast never put a strain on local fish stocks.

Alongside supporting British trade and sourcing sustainably, preserving the quality of the fish is paramount to them. So Celtic Coast only buy whole fish, so they can be sure it’s filleted in their expert way.

With the years of experience Gareth and Nick both have, and their brilliant approach to fishing, you won't just be bringing the finest-quality seafood caught off the shores of mainland Britain to your table, but you'll be doing it in the right way. For us they will only source fish that is rated 1-3 on the Marine Conservation Society’s sustainability scale, meaning it’s more responsibly caught.
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