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Kensons Farm
Tucked away in a picturesque corner of Wiltshire, you’ll find Kensons Farm, headed up by Hugh and Liz Collins. Kensons was originally a livestock farm, run by Hugh’s parents before their retirement. But Hugh always wanted to grow organic veg, and so began the process of converting their land to grow crops back in 2000. Fast forward 20 years and the Collinses, alongside resident growers Joe and Adam, now grow all sorts of organic, seasonal vegetables – including the delicious Hugh’s Summer Salad Leaves.

Our friends at Kensons Farm are committed to safeguarding organic soil and boosting biodiversity on their land. They rotate their crops and use green manures, like red clover and rye grass, to help nourish the soil. And in their polytunnels, they grow phacelia; a beautiful, purple-flowering plant that helps keep weeds at bay, and is loved by local bees and insects.
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