Original Beans
Original Beans was founded by Phillip Kauffmann, who has a passion for making both the finest, dreamiest chocolate, and keeping the regions they source from as healthy and green as can be. It’s a family tradition of sustainability, which began 220 years ago with his forefather Georg Hartig, the founder of one of the first dedicated schools of forestry in Europe.

Since 2008, Original Beans’ crack squad of cacao seekers, dubbed the “Bean Team”, has been travelling to some of the furthest-flung places on earth to uncover extra-special, rare cacao beans, infused with the distinct flavours from the environment in which they grow. It’s what gives the chocolate its uniquely exotic character.

You won’t just get chocolate in its purest form with Original Beans though. They’re securing the future of the land in the regions they source the cacao from through the One Bar: One Tree campaign – for every chocolate bar sold, they plant or preserve a tree. It’s a simple idea (most often the best kind) with a brilliantly positive impact, both for the farmers and their families that work the land, as well as the wildlife in the areas. Picking up an Original Beans chocolate bar is perhaps the most delicious way to do your part in keeping the planet green.

Giving back to the environment is the name of the game for these chocolate whizzes. And making super enjoyable chocolate that would give Willy Wonka a run for his money too, of course. An Original Beans chocolate bar. Positively great then. All round.