Terms & Conditions

One Box: One Portion

  1. What generates a donation?
    1. The delivery of any of the following Abel & Cole Fruit & Veg Boxes (not impacted by any changes to the box contents through dislikes or any promotional discounts) from January 1st, 2022
    2. If you are a new customer signing up for Abel & Cole deliveries to contribute to the campaign through purchasing a Fruit & Veg Box you must live in our delivery area
      • Small Fruit & Veg Box, Organic
      • Medium Fruit & Veg Box, Organic
      • Large Fruit & Veg Box, Organic
      • Seasonal Salad & Veg Box, Organic
      • Small Very Veggie Veg Box, Organic
      • Medium Very Veggie Veg Box, Organic
      • Large Very Veggie Veg Box, Organic
      • All British Veg Box, Organic
      • Fruit Bowl Favourites Box, Organic
      • Super Juicing Box, Organic
      • All Med Veg Box, Organic
      • Citrus Fruit Favourites Box, Organic
  2. What is the donation?
    1. We give one (1) 80g piece or portion of organic fruit and veg for every box of the above list of boxes sold every week.
  3. Who benefits from the donations?
    1. We will donate the fruit & veg primarily to the following three charities (but may also provide fruit & veg donations to smaller charities on an ad hoc basis):
      1. School Food Matters
      2. The Felix Project
      3. Dons Local Action Group
    2. We work closely with the charities to deliver the fruit & veg where, when and in what quantities and mix it is needed each week.
  4. What is the origin of the donated fruit and veg?
    1. Abel & Cole are committed to matching the sold quantities of boxes every week with organic produce from our trusted growers.
    2. The produce is subject to change every week depending on seasonality and availability.
  5. Review process
    1. We’ll review structure and value to recipients on a bi-annual basis.
    2. We will deploy resources to ensure that only produce of the highest quality will reach the recipient.