Don’t waste a crumb – Christmas leftover recipes

After the festive feast comes the Christmas leftovers. As much a part of the festivities as the mince pies and paper hats, there’s always plenty to go around come Boxing Day. This year, we’re thinking outside the veg box and beyond the turkey sandwich, to make sure that not a single crumb goes to waste. Our festive foodies have dreamed up some crafty creations for your Christmas fare so keep this little list somewhere you can find it, and feast your way through twelve days and more. Without further ado, it’s on to the Christmas leftover recipes!


Festive Ham, Cheese & Greens Gratin

Got a little leftover Christmas ham but don’t fancy more sandwiches? Turn it into a hug of a dish with this rich and creamy gratin recipe. Chunks of potato, ham and greens swirled together in a bubbling cheese and mustard sauce. The perfect Twixmas dinner.

Brussels Bhajis

We’re all for Christmas leftover recipes, but we love to cut waste while we’re at it. Why not try these Brussels Bhajis on for size? Love or hate sprouts, there’s no need to throw their leafy jackets out when you can fry them up into something festive.

Leftover Christmas Cheeseboard Fondue

Got a glut of cheese in your fridge leftover from the big day? Don’t fret – melt it all down into a rich fondue, pour it into a scooped out sourdough loaf before dunking and swirling a range of crudités, croutons and pickles in the bubbling cheese sauce. 

Christmas Clementine Chai Spice Mix

Don't throw away your clementine peel, turn it into a warming winter chai spice mix by drying it out then mixing it with a sweet spices. Simmered with tea, milk and honey, it makes a fragrant cuppa.

Christmas Dumplings with Spiced Cranberry Dip

Homemaking gyoza style dumplings is surprisingly easy, and so is whipping up inventive fillings when you have a fridge full of Christmas leftovers. Click above for our filling inspiration, and be sure to let us know what other creations you come up with!

Panettone & Butter Pudding with Dark Chocolate & Cranberries

Not sure what to do with your Christmas panettone? Why not combine the best of Italian Christmas traditions with the best of British puddings to make this rich, creamy, indulgent dessert?. Thickly buttered slices of panettone layered with chunks of dark chocolate and tangy dried cranberries are baked in an orange-and-cinnamon-scented custard. Delicious warm with whipped cream.

Christmas Pudding Brownies

A rich and decadent way to use up that left over leftover Christmas pud. These brownies also make great festive gifts, and you can easily double or triple the quantities to make extra brownies so everyone can get their own box of brownies.

No Churn Custard Ice Cream Sandwiches

What to do with that extra pot of custard that didn’t get poured over the pud? Whip up a no churn ice cream that you can enjoy after the festivities have ended, of course! A good splash of orange liqueur (or any other leftover Christmas tipple) keeps this ice cream soft and scoopable. Sandwich the ice cream between a couple of biscuits or cookies for a fabulous festive dessert.

Share your leftover creations with #MyAbelandCole anywhere you find yourself posting photos of the food you're tucking into. 

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