A seriously citrusy recipe selection

With the days getting shorter (not to mention colder), Mother Nature knows just what to dish out at this time of year. For a bit of warmth, look no further than a hit of citrus, the edible sunshine in your organic fruit bowl. Here are some of our favourite zingy recipes to bring a bit of zest to life.


Orange & Rosemary Polenta Cake
A flourless wonder of a cake featuring two starlets of citrus season: oranges and lemon. It’s topped with a gorgeous marmalade glaze, sprigs of rosemary and almonds. Just try to resist a second helping.

Carrot, Orange & Tarragon Soup

This sweet, sunny soup will have you all aglow thanks to its winning combi
nation of vitamin-rich carrots and oranges, taken to the next flavour level with aromatic tarragon.

Kale, Butterbean & Orange Soup with Almonds 
Greens, beans and citrus: a knock-your-socks-off soup. The juice and zest of our fantastic Spanish oranges is all you need to give your kale a real kick.

Glazey Orange Carrots
It’s amazing what a squeeze of orange juice and some grated zest can do. Our Spanish beauties transform these carrots for one thing. Delicious simply as they are or with meat and fish dishes. Scatter with herbs and serve on bed of spiced couscous with toasted almonds.

Zest Ever Brownies
Astonishingly virtuous. These brownies not only are butter-free, they're also packed with wholegrains oranges (blood oranges no less!) and dates. Tasting them, you'd never know it.

Chocolate Orange Smoothie
You can’t go wrong with chocolate and orange, so we thought we’d make a smoothie using zingy oranges with dairy-free chocolate mylk, a handful of cashews and a couple of sweet carrots – and wholeheartedly suggest you do it too.


A little later into citrus season...

Baked Cheesecake with Citron Beldi Curd

Citron beldi are sweet, floral citrus fruits that look like squashed lemons and come from Marrakech. They’re only available in winter, so make the most of them while you can. This rich and creamy baked mascarpone cheesecake, served with a big spoonful of buttery citron beldi curd is a stunning way to show off their incredible flavour.

Baked Cheesecake with Citron

Traditional Seville Bitter Orange Marmalade
This recipe is based Rocio Gahona’s. She grows our Seville oranges on her farm, Huerta Ave María, in Seville (of course!) Makes 6-8 jars.

Traditional Seville Bitter Orange Marmalade

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