DIY pampering tips from Team Veg

In these challenging times, we could all do with a little TLC. It can be hard to find small moments of me-time, but when you do, make them extra-special with a DIY spa treatment. Team Veg are a crafty bunch and when we’re not munching on fruit, we’re wearing it. No, really! Read on for our top tip on making your very own organic DIY pampering treatments.



Honey and Sugar Lip Scrub, by Emma

“It’s super easy to make, helps instantly with chapped lips and can be stored for months in a jar. It’s quite abrasive so I put a lip balm on straight after!”


Honey and sugar lip scrub

Oat and Honey Face Mask, by Jess

“A great soothing mask for sensitive skin.”

  • Mix:
    1x glug of honey or agave syrup
  • 1/2 cup of oats 
  • Mix into a loose paste and apply to your skin
  • Leave on for 10 mins and rinse off using circular motions for extra exfoliation
  • You can amp up the richness by adding a capsule of evening primrose oil or vitamin E

Coconut Oil, by Claudia

“I just use our organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil as moisturiser – face, body and hair – I save a fortune on product and I’m not putting any toxins anywhere near my body.”

You'll need:

Green Tea Eye Compress, by Jess

“Easy peasy! Keep cold green teabags in the fridge until chilled and pop on eyelids whilst laying down (good for mindfulness sessions) to help reduce eye puffiness.”

You'll need:

Coffee and Syrup Scrub, by Ed

“Makes a right mess but smells good!”



Honey and coffee scrub


Avocado Hair Mask, by Jess

“If an avo has gone past its best you can mash it with some honey and apply as a mask to your spilt ends. Keep on for 15 mins or overnight in a head wrap and rinse.”



Bath Teas, by Jess

“Great for skin in general, any spent black or fruit teabags can be added to your bath whilst running for an extra skin boost all over.”

You'll need:

Oat Bath, by Claudia

“For a super moisturising bath, put some porridge oats in bit of muslin, or a thin cotton tea towel or cloth, tie up and put it in the bath. Very good for eczema prone, dry or sunburned skin, and very calming.”

You'll need:

Olive Oil Drops, by Georgina

“Organic oils are super versatile. You can use a drop of olive oil on cuticles to help keep them soft.

Olive oil nail treatment


For organic DIY pampering ingredients, or to explore our range of luxurious, natural toiletries, hop over to our website.

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