A lover's guide to kale

Any attempt to hide your love of kale is fruitless. (Because it’s a vegetable.) Curly or flat, kale is wonderful. There’s a reason food faddists have decided it’s a super food. Very high in beta-carotene, vit K, vit C and rich in calcium. And it makes for super crispy seaweed.


  All hail kale!  

Kale loves
Smoked bacon, chilli, lemon, soy sauce,  almonds, balsamic vinegar, Cheddar, eggs,  paprika, lamb, barley, potatoes, pasta, pinenuts,  Parmesan, ginger, chicken, cashews, goat’s cheese, pears.

Kale loves to be kept…
In the fridge. As it has low water content, it’s one of the few veg you can freeze raw. Though you can also bake it into something like a quiche, (delicious with mature Cheddar  and chilli) and then freeze.

Love kale cooked

Eating whole kale leaves raw is a bit extreme. However, blitz it into a pesto or sauce, or juice it and you’re in green heaven. As a juice it’s fantastic with apple and lemon. Our favourite way to cook kale  is to turn it into Chinese seaweed. Finely chop and roast with a little salt, (and paprika and sugar if you fancy) or put in soup or risotto (lovely with bacon).

Love all the recipes?

These are some of our favourites...

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