How to pack in your 10 a day

It's official, we should all be eating even more veg. (Now that's something we can get behind.) Farewell Five a Day, welcome 10 a day. Lucky for us we have our menu maven, Sorrel, on hand to help us pack it all in. 


A fruit & veg packed smoothie (shameless plug time - like our Seasonal Smoothie Box). Stuck for time to whip one up yourself? Check out the Juiceman Juices in our shop.
Soup is great for ‘hiding’ many veg. Either whip one up from your veg box, our Superb Souping Recipe Box or add one to your shop here.  

Roast a big tray of veg and have it all ready
in the fridge to add to salads, soups, stews or sides.
Really handy for anyone who like to batch cook.

 Beans and lentils count towards your 10 a day, too. So do tinned tomatoes.
Gently fry some veg and cook with rice, quinoa or buckwheat for a speedy lunch or supper. 
The new classic, avocado on toast. So '2016,' yet it's not going anywhere so get smashing it onto some sourdough

It's never too early in the day to get started.  
A handful of berries on top of morning
porridge will do.

Fancy a snack? Pack some dried fruit for when you're on the go.
Change up your pie topping with sweet potato, squash, cauli or celeriac mash.
Freeze bananas or nectarines and whip into an ‘instant’ frozen dessert (also add some frozen berries to get an extra portion in there.
Switch up your Sunday roast, adding other veg to your roast potatoes- parsnips, carrots, celeriac, swede, beetroot. You could even go wild and have a veggie showstopper for a main.

Stir fries are your friend.

Spinach is a versatile veg. Stir baby spinach in at the end of many a dish to just wilt it and it'll rank up another point for the day. (Yes, it's a contest.)
Omelettes or frittatas with greens, greens, greens. Kale, spinach and so on.

Make cavolo or kale crisps.

Eat your cauli leaves too, roasting till crisp.
Use thin slices of courgette or squash in place of lasagne sheets.
Yes, even pancakes can help you out. Especially when they're full of veg.
Grating apples and pears in to Bircher Museli or Quinoa 'Over Night' Pots.
Need an indulgent pud? Avocado Mousse will answer the call admirably. 

"My top tip is to make things ahead of time as much as you can, soon it’ll become a delicious habit." Sorrel, our recipe guru.
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