A lover's guide to celery

Celery has a fantastic flavour which makes it the hero of stews, stocks and soups.
It also makes a great stand in for onions or leeks.


Celery loves…

A cheeseboard, peanut butter, blue cheese, Parmesan, rice, pork, beef, vodka, tomatoes, potatoes, parsley, thyme, nutmeg, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, caraway seeds, oranges and lemons, apple, anyone called Mary.

Celery loves to be kept…

Celery goes bendy if it’s not kept in the fridge or in a glass of water on the side. It’ll go soggy if you freeze it, but if you’ve got a glut, make a batch of veg stock with a bunch of other veg peelings and off cuts and freeze that.

Love celery raw or cooked

Fresh celery is so munchy and crunchy it’s fab raw, in salads or as a snack. If it’s been skulking in the back of the fridge for a little while, it’ll have lost its crunch, so cook it.

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