12 Makers of Christmas - Booja Booja

Booja Booja make stunning organic hand-made truffles near Norwich in Norfolk. What’s even more incredible about these award-winning moments of bliss is that they’re perfect for vegans, as well as gluten-free. Meet the chocolatiers behind some of our chocolatey Christmas gifts and treats.


"Did I think 13 years ago, we’d be making all these delicious flavours and standing in a dedicated truffle room? I’m supposed to say no to that, aren’t I? But we always had big ideas, big ambition,” explains Louise. She’s been at the heart of Booja Booja from the very start. As we chat, cocoa powder floating in the air and the smell of the delicious chocolate almost drives us to distraction.

Booja Booja use just a handful of quality ingredients in each of their moreish creations from a clutch of growers they know and trust. Each step in creating a Booja Booja truffle is hands on, from the pouring of the ganache to dusting the delicious cocoa powder over each perfectly formed square. It makes these truffles all the more extra special. One taste is all it takes to become a Booja Booja devotee for life. 

“I still have the paper cutting,” Louise tells us about how she came to Booja Booja all those years ago. “It just spoke to me, because it wasn’t in ‘jobspeak’ and I wanted a job for a company I believed in. It was important to be organic, because that’s something I believe in. It needed to have that.” 


There were only a handful of truffle crusaders back then and Louise found herself plucked from her life as a copywriter in London to suddenly working in a chocolate factory in Norfolk. “It’s like a family, oh gosh, that’s corny. Don’t say that!” Sorry Louise, we had to.

The founder Colin’s (now creative director) main love is developing new recipes (and he still holds regular tastings every Tuesday for new flavours). His other passion is for packaging and making sure that Booja Booja not only tastes amazing, but looks amazing too. 

Fast forward 13 or so years and recently there were four contenders in the mix for the new truffle flavours from Booja Booja, but in the end (after much tinkering and tailoring in the kitchen from Colin, not to mention copious tastings from the Booja Booja boffins – many of whom attend a course on the art of tasting – lucky ducks), it was the Honeycomb Caramel and Toffee Strudel Truffles that won. You can order a box or two now to try them for yourselves or pop them in a very lucky person’s stocking as very delicious gift.

A few gift ideas

The Wonderbox Chocolate Truffles

A dazzling (you might say wonderful) selection of 20 multi award-winning chocolate truffles, made with organic, dairy-free, tip top ingredients. The ultimate Booja Booja experience. Enjoy beloved and brand new flavours in their truffle canon: Almond Salted Caramel, Honeycomb Caramel, Hazelnut Crunch, Rhubarb & Vanilla Fool, Toffee Strudel Chocolate, Around Midnight Espresso, Fine de Champagne and Cherry Cognac. A real treat for the chocolate lover in your life, even (or especially) if that’s you. 

Almond Salted Caramel Truffles

These chilled Booja-Booja truffles have won awards for their chewy, gooey caramel and crunch of almonds. Organic and free of dairy, gluten and soya, as well as being incredibly irresistible, they almost feel too good to be true.

Fine de Champagne Truffles, Artistic Collection

These 16 truffles are infused with French Fine de Champagne and sit in a beautifully crafted gift box, which is hand painted by talented artists in Kashmir, India, using traditional art forms. It’s the perfect gift for people who love sweet and beautiful things.

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