12 Makers of Christmas – Paul Kelly – Simply the best Christmas Turkey

The search is over for your Christmas turkey centrepiece. Our organic, naturally free-range KellyBronze® birds from Paul Kelly have been described as “the Rolls Royce” of Christmas turkeys, and we can only agree. For three generations, KellyBronze® have slow-grown and hand-plucked their birds with care on their farm in Danbury, Essex.


It began in 1971 with Molly and Derek Kelly farming white turkey. Then, in the early '80s, the family decided that if they were to stand a chance competing with emerging supermarkets, they’d need to do something a bit different. They toured the country, seeking out the last remaining flocks of Bronze turkeys; raising them free-range (which was an unusual idea at the time).

Paul Kelly's now famous organic turkeys peck and roam freely about open pastures, stubble fields and untouched woodland. “The birds are fully mature at Christmas. The best Christmas turkey is the right breed, grown to maturity, dry plucked and hung just like a pheasant,” says Paul.

Organic certified meat and poultry is the gold standard for quality and animal welfare. Our organic turkeys live a truly free-range life, have plenty of organic feed to enjoy and roam the great outdoors. All this care and attention means your Christmas turkey will need less time in the oven (just check your instructions that will come with it).

It’s little wonder they’re snapped up fast. Reserve your Christmas turkey today and we’ll deliver in time for the big day.

Why our turkeys are tremendous

• All our organic turkeys are reared to full maturity, so the meat has a natural layer of fat. They’re self-basting so there's no need to butterball or bacon strip them.

They’re fed non-GM food (like all organic animals), without the antibiotics, additives or growth promoters their more intensively farmed cousins may be fed.

• Our organic turkeys are hung for two weeks. The result is remarkable texture, superior fat cover and outstanding taste.

•  All our Christmas turkeys are plucked and prepared by hand. 

Get them before they’re gobbled up

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