12 Makers of Christmas – Organic Blooms – Organic flowers and wreaths

Baby it’s cold outside! Organic flowers might be out of season, but we still love bringing the great outdoors into our homes come Christmas time. This year we’ve been helping people offer their guests the warmest welcome, inviting, handmade organic wreaths to hang from your door.


Jo Wright, chief green-thumb at Organic Blooms embodies the spirit of Christmas like few others. Every day, her work focuses on how she can give back to her community, and make a powerful, lasting difference.

Organic Blooms is a social enterprise first and foremost. Having worked as a therapeutic horticulturalist, Jo has always known that putting your hands to the earth, planting a seed and watching it grow can be a healing process. The people working alongside her at the heart of this enterprise are often referred by therapists or social services, and have varying support needs. “It's a beautiful environment that can help anyone who's having a bad day,” she tells us with a smile.

Growing places

Together they’ve been cultivating beautiful organic flowers in the Gloucestershire countryside for almost nine years now. With the support of you lovely Abel & Colers, they’re keen to keep growing in more ways than one as “the more British grown flowers we sell, the more supported jobs we create at our organic farm.”

Growing only British flowers without using chemical inputs or artificial heat makes for a naturally quiet period over the festive season. Jo’s not one to rest on her laurels on these silent days and nights mind you…

Weaving magic

She paid us a little visit here at Veg HQ recently, to show us how her magical Christmas wreath is made.

Each is a unique sight (and a scent) to behold. Jo has painstakingly hand-woven every one using fronds of beautiful, organic willow, as well as rosemary, eucalyptus, sweet box, traditional holly berries and shiny crab apples. To bring it all together, they’re adorned with pinecones and dried orange slices from our very own Giangiacomo in Sicily.

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