The brilliant bods at Beanberry

This summer, we’re putting on a gastronomical getaway inspired by the cuisine and culture of Italy. We’ll pour a cafè latte at breakfast, and savour an espresso in the shade after lunch. And after dinner? More coffee of course! It’s an integral part of the Italian experience and the best beans make all the difference. We get to know the bods behind Beanberry who sustainably fill our organic coffee cups.


Our own coffee comes from the UK’s first fully-organic roastery; Beanbury in Surrey. They might not share the Mediterranean weather of Italy, but, unmistakably, they have a dedication and passion in common with the Italian masters of coffee roasting and blending.

They approach organic coffee as an art-form, and naturally, that begins with selecting the best materials. In their own words:

“Non-organic coffee is one of the most chemically treated commodities. Organic coffee is nurtured without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides – this, we believe, provides great health benefits to consumer and grower alike.” 

Their enduring relationships with their growers mean that this “nurturing” applies to more than just the bean. In fact, their partners grow at high altitude beneath a canopy of native trees. This protects both the beans and the soil from erosion, while providing much-needed shelter for the migrating birds of the area.

Every organic coffee bean is ground, roasted, and bagged for us in small batches within 24 hours to seal in that all-important freshness. So why not pair a cup with one of the many after dinner treats you’ll find in our Italian-inspired selection? They’re the perfect partners to end your latest adventure on a sweet and satisfying note.

Beanberry coffee 

Fill your cup with Beanberry

Join us for an Italy-inspired staycation this summer, conjuring up their classic culture and cuisine. Create a Little Italy of your own with a whole host of recipes and organic delicacies in store.

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