Come away with us to France

Well, it’s not the summer we bargained for, but our hearts still long for adventure. So, we’re staying put and taking an eco-friendly flight of fancy instead, and you’d better believe you’re invited. Put away your passport, dig out your beret, close your eyes… Now open them again so you can keep reading, and come away with us, as we get inspired by French culture and (of course) cuisine.


Organic wine guru Honey Spencer takes you on a virtual tour of our French Wine Selection. Play along at home and host your very own wine tasting night - from the comfort of your living room. Cheers!


Forget about airport dashes and check-in lines. We can put on our very own stay-cation with organic recipes influenced by French cuisine. From Coq au Vin to Roquefort-filled Croissants, we've ideas that will inspire you from breakfast to dinner and beyond.

Croque Monsieur Croissants 

Meet the makers

Let us whisk you away to France where soy bean maestros Sojade have been embracing organic farming for over forty years. Find out how Sojade put sustainable soya on the map, with some pretty innovative uses for the humble bean.

Honey paints a portrait of the man behind the vine at Paul Mas. With a dominion spanning over 600 hectares, raise a glass with Honey to Jean-Paul's dedication to nature and honest winemaking.

Jean-Claude Mas

Get crafty

Building the Eiffel Tower in France began way back in 1887 and it took a whopping 7,300 tonnes of iron. Our version uses a whole lot of lovely fruit and veg instead! Grab some crayons, paints, or pens and bring our fruity tower to life.

Put on a playcation

Our Clauds has been busy dreaming up different ways to keep little ones entertained during lockdown. Starting with a mini playcation! Check out her tips for creating a magical holiday at home.

Head to our website for all the organic goodies you need to create your own staycation, from croissants to crisp chardonnay. 


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