Our festive wine picks for December

Christmas is the perfect excuse to stock up the fridge with your favourite bottles because let’s face it, no one enjoys popping to the shop at this time of year. Even though our buy six and save 10% offer extends across our whole wine and bubbles cellar, we’ve come up with a few selections that are guaranteed to get taste buds tingling the whole way through the festive season. All of our wines are certified organic which means they are free from synthetic chemicals and come from winemakers that work with respect both for the environment and our bodies. So, why not make this Christmas the decision to give organic wines a try and really taste (and feel!) the difference?


No added SO2

We find that wines made without added sulphites (or SO2) taste a little more stripped back than other wines. They also carry more interesting flavours beyond the typical fruit and barrel aromas that are found in other bottles. So if you’re in the mood to try something new this December, a few of these bottles are a great place to start. 

Bubbles & fizz

Pop, fizz, glug - it’s the time of year to celebrate. Keep the sparkles twinkling throughout the festive season with our brilliant organic bubbles. Mix and match any fizz from English Sparkling to Prosecco, Champagne to Pet Nat, or nab the lot and debate the virtues of each while curled up on the sofa. 

Each month Honey selects three bottles from our cellar for you to try. From vegan-friendly to low sulphur, there’s a new trio to discover (and learn all about the vineyards too).

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