A lover's guide to celeriac

Now that you know what on earth celeriac is, it's time to really fall in love with this great British eccentric. Technically the stalk of a type of celery, it does taste a little celery-y, with a sweeter, nuttier edge.


Celeriac loves…

Mascarpone, thyme, rosemary, garlic, blue cheese, smoky bacon, ham, lamb, pan roasted hake, mackerel, chilli, apple, venison, chorizo, almonds, paprika, and butter beans.

Celeriac likes to be stored…

Store these bowling ball roots at room temperature for a day or two. Once they start going a little soft, pop in the fridge so it won’t deflate any further.

Celeriac hot, celeriac cold

Celeriac is beautiful raw. Carve the peel away. Cut the rest into little matchsticks (a mandoline – not the musical one – will speed things up). Or, grate it. Gorgeous with apple and blue cheese, or mix with mustard, lemon, crème fraîche and parsley for a stunning remoulade. Hot, celeriac makes great chips (fried or roasted, chunky or thin) and ace mash. It’s a gem roasted, and great grated in bread. It also loves soups, risotto and is marvellous paired with pulses like lentils and creamy beans.

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