Greek table setting guide

Your holiday to Greece may be on hold this year, but this doesn’t mean you can’t recreate your own Greek Taverna in your garden or dining room. Here are a few hints and tips from our recipe guru Sorrel to inspire you to create your own Greek Taverna.



When we think of Greece, the famous Santorini sapphire blue roof tops paired with the crisp white building spring to mind. Paired with the turquoise Mediterranean and cloudless azure sky, a palate is forming. Crisp whites with flashes of blue will evoke all the Greece feels. Think bright, light and breezy. Sea, mountains, cool linens fluttering in the breeze.

Having a relatively neutral background will allow the food to pop and sing!

Surfaces and fabrics

A white tablecloth is a great base for you to dress your table up from. If you have a linen one, go for that. But a cotton one or even a white bedsheet will work perfectly. A table runner can add additional texture and interest. It is also great for protecting your tablecloth from all the delicious mezze that are going to be dipped and dunked into. The runner could be blue, perhaps a strip of hessian or even some brown wrapping paper. Get creative. See what you have in your sewing pile even! Haberdashers often have off-cut bins so have a rummage.

You don’t even have to use a tablecloth. A wooden table is just as attractive (and saves on the washing!) Soften with napkins, place mats or a table runner if you like. Creating layers adds depth and visual interest.


Mix and match is fine. A glass each for water and one for wine is just the job. If you have jugs for water, drop in a few ice cubes, cucumber ribbons and some mint sprigs.


Serving bowls and platters. Small bowls and plates in various sizes to serve mezze

Again, use whatever you have in your kitchen to serve up your Greek feast. It doesn’t have to match. It’s all part of the rustic charm. Wood, ceramic, pottery, glass and metal. Tea cups are a good sized for many of the meze dishes.

Don’t forget serving spoons, forks and knives

A wooden board stood on a few tins. This will create extra space for a table groaning with Greek delights. It also adds added interest with different levels.

Why don’t you turn your entire table into a mezze board? Line the centre of the table with a few chopping boards or wooden boards. Then group each item (olives, dolmades, hummus, cheese, grapes, nuts, breads and salads) on the boards to create a stunning and fun (and completely edible) centrepiece.

Table settings

A napkin for each person is essential for wiping oily fingers. You can match or contrast them with your tablecloth. Again, use scraps of fabric to make your own.

Roll or fold each napkin and tie with some string or ribbon. Tuck a sprig of rosemary or oregano for colour and med scent.  Or how about garnishing your table with a beautiful leafy carrot or radish on each place setting?

Greek table setting inspiration 
Come away with us to the land of epic poetry, olive groves, and endless feta for our organic staycation. 

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