Watercress (100g)

(£2.30 per 100g)
Organic Vegan
Watercress has more vitamin C than fresh oranges, and more calcium that cow's milk. It also contains iron and beta carotene, which the body converts to Vitamin A, as well as being a good source of Vitamin E. Sounds like a good idea to eat some, then. Country of Origin - UK Class - Minimum Class 2
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Steve Collis grows our watercress on his farms in Dorset. Watercress has been growing on the farms since the 1850s, and it's still all planted by hand (not all Steve's hand - he has a few helpers, too). Some of these friends are furry. Our They work with bat conservation charities so that both the bats and your watercress are happy. Watercress beds are a rich and diverse source of insects, this natural challenge that can affect quality instead feeds hundreds of bats. Bob from the watercress farm found that bats were naturally feeding around the farm but had nowhere nearby to roost. Now thanks to new bat boxes, these furry fliers are welcome residents. To find out more about the BCT and their work fly over to http://www.bats.org.uk/ During the colder months The Watercress Company grow on their own farm, Royalcress in Spain. Royalcress opened in 1986 to provide the same quality, organic watercress year-round. Great to know you can buy Spanish watercress and still support British farmers.


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