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Marvellous chicken
They say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and if it’s one of Chris Labdon’s award-winning organic chickens, you’re onto a winner. His slow-growing birds on Wood Green Farm in Devon are resilient, healthy and active. They’re reared for at least 10 weeks (twice the time of a conventional bird) and fed an organic diet to develop their unique taste.
Thanks to Chris Labdon 100% organic fed birds down on his Devonshire farm
Veg that tastes like veg !
Love Abel & Cole. Their seasonal veg looks and tastes like FRESH veg - none of this only perfect shaped veg business. Being vegetarian I haven't tasted the meat and fish myself, but I've cooked it for the family and have been told it's the best fish (organic salmon) and meat (chicken and sausages) they've ever eaten.
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To receive this offer you must order a weekly Fruit & Veg, Fruit, Veg, Salad, Juicing, Snacking or Recipe Box (minimum total order value £12.50). Your 4th delivery of any of the aforementioned boxes will be FREE (up to a maximum credit value of £42).
You can change which box you receive at any time. Your box will default to a weekly delivery when you order it, however the frequency can also be changed at any time and will not affect your eligibility for the offer. Payment for your orders is taken on your delivery day. This offer is for people who do not currently have an Abel & Cole delivery. This code is not valid with any other new customer offer, and it can not be used for any of our meat boxes.
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